Solutions for Grocery and Convenience

Designed with you in mind.

We know that each industry has unique needs.

Whether you're a grocery store with bakery, deli, meat and seafood, and produce departments or a convenience store with just a simple grab-and-go case, the FreshIQ™ platform is your all-in-one solution. We built our suite of products to be customizable to your unique fresh food needs no matter who you are.

FreshIQ for Bakeries

Bring out the best in your bakery with end-to-end visibility and management tools that can reduce production waste and increase sales and profits.

  • 50%+ Reduction in food waste

FreshIQ for Deli

Manage deli operations with comprehensive data monitoring that can result in lower labor costs, reduced spoils and food waste, and higher profit margins.

  • 10%+ Sales increase

FreshIQ for Produce

Centrally manage your produce operations with transparency and traceability tools that reduce production waste and increase sales and guest count.

  • 50%+ Reduced production waste
  • 10%+ Sales increase
  • 6% Guest count increase

FreshIQ for Meat and Seafood

Improve meat and seafood operations from the counter to the register with comprehensive tracking and reporting tools that ensure efficiency and compliance.

  • Hours of labor recovered per store per day

FreshIQ for Meal Kits

Easily identify and cut back on waste and inefficiencies hidden in meal kit operations with robust planning, ordering, and reporting tools.

FreshIQ for Grab & Go

Build customer brand loyalty and recognition with tools to ensure you make the right food items in the right amounts at the right time.

  • 10%+ Reduced production waste
  • 9% YoY sales increase
  • 15% Shrink reduction

About our SaaS technology

Our SaaS journey began when we recognized the rapid and dynamic changes taking place in retail technology. Our clients needed to do more with less while managing their ever-growing list of projects. Through the power of SaaS our clients can focus on their business while we handle everything else:

  • Seamless updates to the latest version of our software
  • Comprehensive support and 24×7 solution monitoring
  • Access to the latest technologies including mobile apps and AI
  • Enhanced security and reliability
  • Scalability and cost reductions by eliminating on-premise solutions
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