ADC’s Store Operations Platforms

An omnichannel platform to power your store operations.

FreshIQ®, ShopperKit, and Date Check Pro give you end-to-end visibility into your store operations with user-friendly products that will help you grow sales, cut costs, and improve operational efficiencies.

Expiration Date Management

Stop expired products before they happen. Gain complete control over expiring products; driving efficiency, ensuring the freshest shopping experience possible, and turning prior loss into revenue.
  • Identify and sell items before they expire
  • Ensure any unsold and expired items are removed before customers find them
  • Improve margins by optimizing assortment with shrink insights
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Ecommerce Fulfillment

ShopperKit enables online order fulfillment from retailers’ physical stores as well as “hub & spoke” enabled fulfillment via dark stores, warehouses, and MFC’s. Out of the box integrations with Geolocation & Gig Economy technologies provide complete coverage for curbside pickup and last-mile delivery

  • Reduce costs with optimized pick paths and order strategies
  • Increase basket size through real-time item additions
  • Enables employee ease of use and adoption
  • Generate actionable customer preference metrics
  • Extend grocer’s brand through online shopping experience
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Recipe Management

With all of your recipe data at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to build, track, and maintain legally compliant recipes across your organization.

  • Build and maintain recipes
  • Create digital cookbooks
  • Store and maintain ingredient data
  • Produce ingredient and allergen statements
  • Generate nutritional labels
  • Calculate true recipe cost
  • Integrates with multiple ERP systems
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Label Printing

Building, printing, and maintaining labels across scales, printers, and locations is simple when it all happens in one centralized place.

Scales Management

  • Maintain item and price integrity
  • Maintain scale resources
  • Multi-brand scale compatibility

Printer Management

  • Maintain item and price integrity
  • Manage printer assets across locations
  • Design labels
  • Print labels in black and white or color
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Inventory & Waste Management

Real-time tracking and analytics of on-hand, transferred, and discarded fresh food items and ingredients let you manage your fresh food inventory more efficiently.

Inventory Management

  • Scan and count physical inventory
  • Access real-time perpetual inventory cycle counts
  • Manage backroom, saleable, and work-in-progress inventory

Shrink Management

  • Understand yield out of primal
  • Manage reworked sales floor items to prepared foods
  • Seamlessly push and implement price markdowns

Waste Management

  • Scan and track donated and discarded items
  • See the total number of items lost
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Food Traceability

Ensure proper food safety with end-to-end visibility of fresh food items from production to shelf so you can quickly flag and stop recalls and outbreaks across your locations.

Produce Traceability

  • Capture origin details of produce as it is processed
  • Attach retail items being produced
  • Scan and record data with in-store mobile app
  • Seamlessly notify all stores of recalls and outbreaks

Grind Traceability

  • Capture origin details of primals as they are processed
  • Attach retail items being produced
  • Ensure local regulation compliance
  • Scan primals processed in meat department
  • Capture trim in grind process
  • Transform meat into grind
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Production Planning

Deliver the right amount of product at the right time with robust forecasting, task management, and visibility features that take the guessing out of production planning.

Comprehensive planning

  • Track and forecast fresh food sales daily
  • Manage preparation and production tasks
  • Access company-wide visibility of in-store decisions

Custom and online ordering

  • Manage order and exclude it from regular inventory

Commissary production

  • Gather and consolidate store orders for commissary production
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Fresh Ordering

Looking into the future is good but being able to manage ingredient level demand, forecast what needs to be ordered, and calculating lead times on those orders is even better.

  • Forecast based on historical data
  • Produce more accurate order quantities
  • Minimize ingredient ordering mistakes
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