About ADC

To us, it’s all about the experience.

We make software that keeps stores efficient and profitable.

Founded in 1989, Applied Data Corporation (ADC) is a leading provider of store management technology. We’re headquartered in Tampa, Florida, with a United Kingdom Subsidiary in Cambridge.

We build software that’s designed to help our clients keep food operations profitable by reducing waste and increasing sales of fresh food items. Over 120+ retail chain accounts trust our software solutions in over 20,000+ stores, 9 countries, and 3 continents.

Our Experts

Leading the charge in store management.

  1. Shamus Hines Chief Executive Officer
  2. Joydeep Roy Chief Technology Officer
  3. Steve Paro
    Steve Paro COO & SVP Product
  4. Brad Swingruber SVP, Sales
  5. Michael Colella Chief Data Scientist
  6. Jesus Mathus Global Head of Retail Solutions
  7. Peter Caito SVP, Product
  8. Eric Frantsvog
    Eric Frantsvog SVP, Finance
  9. Abby Sandbach VP, Marketing
  10. Earl Adona
    Earl Adona VP, Onboarding
  11. Elisabeth Weaver Director of People

How we give back

ADC is proud to support our customers philanthropic efforts, as well as philanthropy of our own, which include:

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